health care for the rich

We the people of this great country wake up! Our new president has decided to do away with Obama care all together and push as fast as he can his own health care plan. This is what he thinks about the poor, working class and the elderly. His health care plan that he has thought up is to take away the tax breaks given by Obama care for those who needed it the most and give it to the .01% of the riches people in the country. These are the amounts being given to all of us and then them: top .01%    $137,000  30 yrs. and younger $2,00 elderly $4,000  so tell me does this look right?   I think that its the poor, working class and elderly that need those kind of tax breaks not the riches of the rich. So if he pushes this through congress like he did the 2 comities then all of those that need the health care the most will be forced to put a strain on hospitals going to the E.R. for basic medical care that they should have gotten with a primary care Dr., but they can’t because they have no health.  care.





When I think about the past and the dreams out founding fathers held for this once great nation, I cant help but to see them weep at what we have become. A nation of greedy people that have forgotten who they are.  We were a young nation that was fighting for the right to govern ourselves free of a king that was over 3,ooo miles away. we did the impossible we became free, then we set fourth to write our own history on the backs of some one our greatest leaders. Washington was out first Commander and Chief I title thought up by his Vic. president Mr. Adams. Although we had no idea what the future would hold for us or the blood that would be spilt to Defend our Nation from all her enemies near and far, she has always stood as a symbol of hope for those who had no hope. She has always stood on the side of right. Then Lincoln came and she turned in on herself this time brother against brother, son against father, yet she stood strong and a dream that all men no matter their color race or creed all men were equal and God smiled on her. For centuries she has always been the one country that has produced some of the most extraordinary leads the world has ever known. They fought for injustice not only from with in our own borders but in places where people where being killed just because of their beliefs. When Hitler tried to kill everyone that was Jewish did our leads do? they took us to war and right won over wrong once again. Now we stand on the edge of another battle fought not hundreds or thousands of miles away but here at home. Some people were fooled into thinking that Trump was on their side and that he would do right by us and speak up for those without a voice. They have seen the truth now as the looming threat of having to choose to pay for health insurance or provide food and clothing for their children is coming all to soon as our government is attempting to take short cuts to insure that their medical bill gets passed despite the fact that this will do so much more harm to the people of this nation then it can good. Trump isn’t ever going to look out for us he will always look out for himself and his own. I am urging all of you to call your congressmen and your Senators tell them that this bill is not for us.. there has to be a better way then to take more from those that don’t have it to give just so that those that do have it can keep it and get more.



Democratic leaders said that leading up to the election, they’ll make sure voters hear that Republicans in Congress have given Trump a pass in their responsibility to put a check on the executive branch. I have been saying all along that Trump is the worst thing to enter the white house since Bush’s last term as president that landed us in this sh## storm in the first place. Ever since the government got rid of all the oversight comities that helped keep the house and senate in check were eliminated our country has been in a tail spin. It is my hope that we put things right for the sake of this country’s future. we need oversight comities in place to protect the right of the people and not the rights of those in office. They can stop the corruption and hold our elected representatives responsible for all the wrong that has been done to the American people. Although I don’t know of the democratic for up to the task even if they put Hillary Clinton on the ticket is president. It’s like both sides put up these two people that they thought they could control if they won the primaries republicans lost servers so they have to settle for trial Hillary one hers but then when it came down to it Hillary’s lies, deceptions and manipulations were exposed. Her reputation was destroyed by a trump as he played dirty pool, resort and name calling and slander like a schoolhouse bully. So I can’t say that either one of them were right for the position of President of this nation. It’s my hope that they will do better in the next election. So people wake up! We can no longer just sit back and settle for the garbage they try to spoon feed us. We have to have a presidential candidate that can work with both sides width together. All the backbiting and lies that goes on between republicans, democrats, tea party people I don’t care it all needs to stop. You people are not acting in the best interest of the people acting you’re acting on the best interest of your party. And the whole reason this government was set up the way it was to protect the rights and the MN liberties as well as constitution of these United States for the people by the people not four the rich and the Corporations.!! You know our first leaders were not rich men they were common man that were educated and that’s the only difference between them and the guy that was pulling the plow. And they acted in the best interest of the people that they represented. we need to get back to that foundation. Back to when our country was strong, and when standing up for what was right was a moral responsibility of every member of our elected officials. Not how much money you can get out from lobbyists. We’re going to have to wait and see what’s going to happen. Will the democrats hold Donald trump at bay until they are able to take back the house of representatives and senate as a majority.? Will the republicans stand up and say you’re not gonna get away with this, Or are the republicans going to continue to sit back and allow Donald trump to run this country for corporations rather than the people?



Trump also his worst numbers to date – across 10 separate Q polls since the 2016 election – on the following measures: Honesty: Just 33 percent say he is
Good leadership skills: 56 percent say he doesn’t have them
Caring about average people: 59 percent say he doesn’t

Being levelheaded: Voters say 66-29 he’s not (unlike the other numbers here, this is tied for all-time worst, not setting a new one)

Being intelligent: Voters say only 56-41 that he is

Sharing your values: Voters say 64-32 that he doesn’t

How he’s treated the news media: Voters disapprove 65-31

Whether people trust him or the media more for the truth: 57 percent media, 31 percent Trump (even 17 percent of Republicans pick the media over their president)

Interestingly, the reason the numbers have ticked down appears to be the group that elected Trump in the first place: white, working-class voters. Whites without college degrees approved of Trump 57 percent to 38 percent in the mid-April Q poll and 51-39 in late March/early May; today they are split, with 47 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving.

Republicans still haven’t deserted him, which means it might take some doing before his approval rating drops much lower. But there certainly seems to be some slight cracks in Trump’s base. And you have to wonder whether the Comey decision – which even congressional Republicans are criticizing – might pry those cracks open just a bit wider.


Trump is still involved in his corporation unlike what he told the American people,otherwise what would explain the fact that every bill he tries to pass ends up benefiting him and all the other rich people and not the poor or working class. His campaign promises were to look out for the little man of people the middle class and the poor. The meanest been apparent in his tax reform bill his Health Care joke of the century. He claims that he wants to make America sure all how by making the rich richer and taking away the middle class and then just killing off the poor. By doing this is will it really make our great nation great again? I don’t think Donald trump understands that we need more regulatory system set up your gov’t to hold our elected officials accountable. with the more regulations we have the less our government official’s can get away with frivolous spending. I mean let’s get realistic without the poor and the middle class our economy would be is the crapper, because there is only 10% of our country that is rich so order regrow our economy we need the poor and the middle class to feel secure about their finances in order for them to spend money. As long as Donald trump continues to come after them the poor in the middle class by forcing them to choose between food and Health Insurance or forcing them to pay more taxes than rich our economy is going to stay in debt forever.


this isn’t all of those that voted yes but hell its close enough now we have to fire them and get someone else. It is Saturday my chemo. day so ill be back in a couple of day’s.
Majority needed to pass YES NO Not voting
Republicans 217 20 1
Democrats 0 193 0
Total 217 213 1
AZ-2 M. McSally Y AZ-6 D. Schweikert Y AZ-8 T. Franks Y AZ-4 P. Gosar Y AL-5 M. Brooks Y AL-6 G. Palmer Y
CO-4 K. Buck Y FL-3 T. Yoho Y
FL-6 R. DeSantis Y FL-8 B. Posey Y
GA-10 J. Hice Y IA-1 R. Blum Y
ID-1 R. Labrador Y IN-3 J. Banks Y
LA-4 M. Johnson Y MD-1 A. Harris Y
MI-3 J. Amash Y NM-2 S. Pearce Y
OH-4 J. Jordan Y OH-8 W. Davidson Y
OK-1 J. Bridenstine Y PA-4 S. Perry Y
SC-1 M. Sanford Y SC-3 J. Duncan Y
TN-4 S. DesJarlais Y TX-1 L. Gohmert Y
TX-6 J. Barton Y TX-14 R. Weber Y
TX-36 B. Babin Y VA-5 T. Garrett Y
VA-7 D. Brat Y VA-9 M. Griffith Y
WV-2 A. Mooney Y TX-32 P. Sessions Y
CA-10 J. Denham Y CA-21 D. Valadao Y
CA-25 S. Knight Y CA-39 E. Royce Y
CA-45 M. Walters Y CA-48 D. Rohrabacher Y
CA-49 D. Issa Y FL-26 C. Curbelo Y
IL-6 P. Roskam Y KS-3 K. Yoder Y
MN-3 E. Paulsen Y TX-7 J. Culberson Y
AL-1 B. Byrne Y AL-4 R. Aderholt Y
AL-5 M. Brooks Y AL-6 G. Palmer Y
AR-2 F. Hill Y AR-3 S. Womack Y
AR-4 B. Westerman Y AZ-2 M. McSally Y
AZ-4 P. Gosar Y AZ-6 D. Schweikert Y
AZ-8 T. Franks Y CA-4 T. McClintock Y
CA-22 D. Nunes Y CA-23 K. McCarthy Y
CA-45 M. Walters Y CA-48 D. Rohrabacher Y
CA-50 D. Hunter Y CO-4 K. Buck Y
FL-1 M. Gaetz Y FL-2 N. Dunn Y
FL-3 T. Yoho Y FL-4 J. Rutherford Y
FL-11 D. Webster Y FL-12 G. Bilirakis Y
FL-15 D. Ross Y FL-16 V. Buchanan Y
FL-17 T. Rooney Y FL-18 B. Mast Y
FL-19 F. Rooney Y GA-1 E. Carter Y
GA-3 D. Ferguson Y GA-7 R. Woodall Y
GA-9 D. Collins Y GA-10 J. Hice Y
GA-11 B. Loudermilk Y GA-12 R. Allen Y
GA-14 T. Graves Y IA-4 S. King Y
IL-13 R. Davis Y IL-15 J. Shimkus Y
IL-18 D. LaHood Y IN-2 J. Walorski Y
IN-3 J. Banks Y IN-4 T. Rokita Y
IN-5 S. Brooks Y IN-6 L. Messer Y
IN-8 L. Bucshon Y KS-1 R. Marshall Y
KS-2 L. Jenkins Y KY-2 B. Guthrie Y
KY-6 A. Barr Y LA-1 S. Scalise Y
LA-3 N. Higgins Y LA-5 R. Abraham Y
MD-1 A. Harris Y ME-2 B. Poliquin Y
MI-1 J. Bergman Y MI-2 B. Huizenga Y
MI-4 J. Moolenaar Y MI-6 F. Upton Y
MI-7 T. Walberg Y MI-8 M. Bishop Y
MI-10 P. Mitchell Y MI-11 D. Trott Y
MN-2 J. Lewis Y MO-2 A. Wagner Y
MO-3 B. Luetkemeyer Y MO-4 V. Hartzler Y
MO-6 S. Graves Y MO-7 B. Long Y
MO-8 J. Smith Y MS-3 G. Harper Y
MS-4 S. Palazzo Y NC-2 G. Holding Y
NC-5 V. Foxx Y NC-6 M. Walker Y
NC-7 D. Rouzer Y NC-8 R. Hudson Y
NC-9 R. Pittenger Y NC-10 P. McHenry Y
NC-11 M. Meadows Y NC-13 T. Budd Y
ND-1 K. Cramer Y NE-2 D. Bacon Y
NE-3 A. Smith Y NJ-3 T. MacArthur Y
NV-2 M. Amodei Y NY-1 L. Zeldin Y
NY-2 P. King Y NY-19 J. Faso Y
NY-21 E. Stefanik Y NY-23 T. Reed Y
NY-27 C. Collins Y OH-1 S. Chabot Y
OH-4 J. Jordan Y OH-5 B. Latta Y
OH-6 B. Johnson Y OH-8 W. Davidson Y
OH-12 P. Tiberi Y OH-15 S. Stivers Y
OH-16 J. Renacci Y OK-1 J. Bridenstine Y
OK-2 M. Mullin Y OK-3 F. Lucas Y
OK-4 T. Cole Y OK-5 S. Russell Y
OR-2 G. Walden Y PA-3 M. Kelly Y
PA-4 S. Perry Y PA-5 G. Thompson Y
PA-9 B. Shuster Y PA-10 T. Marino Y
PA-11 L. Barletta Y PA-16 L. Smucker Y
PA-18 T. Murphy Y SC-1 M. Sanford Y
SC-2 J. Wilson Y SC-4 T. Gowdy Y
SC-7 T. Rice Y SD-1 K. Noem Y
TN-1 P. Roe Y TN-2 J. Duncan Jr. Y
TN-3 C. Fleischmann Y TN-4 S. DesJarlais Y
TN-6 D. Black Y TN-7 M. Blackburn Y
TN-8 D. Kustoff Y TX-1 L. Gohmert Y
TX-2 T. Poe Y TX-3 S. Johnson Y
TX-4 J. Ratcliffe Y TX-5 J. Hensarling Y
TX-6 J. Barton Y TX-7 J. Culberson Y
TX-10 M. McCaul Y TX-11 K. Conaway Y
TX-12 K. Granger Y TX-13 M. Thornberry Y
TX-14 R. Weber Y TX-17 B. Flores Y
TX-19 J. Arrington Y TX-21 L. Smith Y
TX-22 P. Olson Y TX-24 K. Marchant Y
TX-25 R. Williams Y TX-26 M. Burgess Y
TX-27 B. Farenthold Y TX-31 J. Carter Y
TX-32 P. Sessions Y TX-36 B. Babin Y
UT-1 R. Bishop Y UT-2 C. Stewart Y
UT-3 J. Chaffetz Y UT-4 M. Love Y
VA-1 R. Wittman Y VA-2 S. Taylor Y
VA-5 T. Garrett Y VA-6 R. Goodlatte Y
VA-7 D. Brat Y VA-9 M. Griffith Y
WA-5 C. McMorris Rodgers Y WI-1 P. Ryan Y
WI-5 J. Sensenbrenner Y WI-6 G. Grothman Y
WI-7 S. Duffy Y WV-1 D. McKinley Y
WY-1 L. Cheney Y MMWA-4 D. Newhouse Y
AK-1 D. Young Y AR-1 R. Crawford Y
CA-1 D. LaMalfa Y CA-8 P. Cook Y
CA-10 J. Denham Y CA-21 D. Valadao Y
CA-25 S. Knight Y CA-39 E. Royce Y
CA-42 K. Calvert Y CA-49 D. Issa Y
CO-3 S. Tipton Y CO-5 D. Lamborn Y
FL-6 R. DeSantis Y FL-8 B. Posey Y
FL-25 M. Diaz-Balart Y FL-26 C. Curbelo Y
GA-8 A. Scott Y IA-1 R. Blum Y
IA-3 D. Young Y ID-1 R. Labrador Y
ID-2 M. Simpson Y IL-6 P. Roskam Y
IL-12 M. Bost Y IL-14 R. Hultgren Y
IL-16 A. Kinzinger Y IN-9 T. Hollingsworth Y
KS-3 K. Yoder Y KY-5 H. Rogers Y
LA-4 M. Johnson Y LA-6 G. Graves Y
MI-3 J. Amash Y MN-3 E. Paulsen Y
MN-6 T. Emmer Y MS-1 T. Kelly Y
NE-1 J. Fortenberry Y NJ-11 R. Frelinghuysen Y
NM-2 S. Pearce Y NY-22 C. Tenney Y
OH-2 B. Wenstrup Y OH-7 B. Gibbs Y
PA-12 K. Rothfus Y SC-3 J. Duncan Y
WI-8 M. Gallagher Y WV-2 A. Mooney Y
WV-3 E. Jenkins Y



On March 7, the day after the original version of the American Health Care Act was unveiled, House Speaker Paul Ryan told Americans where they could read the bill.
“I encourage all Americans to read this bill online at Read the,” Ryan said.
By Friday, the day after the legislation sailed through the House, it became apparent many of Ryan’s colleagues didn’t heed his advice.
Several Republican representatives have said they did not read the bill, instead relying on staff or the media to understand its potential effects.
Rep. Chris Collins of New York told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that he did not read the entire bill. “I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not,” Collins said. “But I can also assure you my staff did. We have to rely on our staff.”
Collins also had to ask a reporter from The Buffalo News to explain to him a provision of the AHCA that would cut $3 billion in funding to help low- and middle-income New Yorkers pay for healthcare.
Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, who flipped his voted to a “yes” on the AHCA days before its passage, told CNN that he looked at the bill but did not absorb all of it.
“I turned through every page,” Sanford said. “As to whether or not I got through some of the details in some of the pages, no. But yes, I attempted to read the entire bill.”
Sanford said he thoroughly read the amendments to the bill.
On Thursday, before the vote, Rep. Thomas Garrett of Virginia told MSNBC he also did not read the bill.
“Oh, gosh. Let’s put it this way: People in my office have read all the parts of the bill,” Garrett said. “I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill, but that’s why we have staff.”
Republican leaders long criticized Democrats for supposedly not reading the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare, before that bill was passed.
The 126-page AHCA had two amendments totaling 11 pages, making the full bill 137 pages. The Affordable Care Act and a reconciliation bill attached to it comprised 974 pages.
Ryan wasn’t the only Republican leader to boast about how short and easy to read the bill was. White House press secretary Sean Spicer during a press briefing even held up the ACA to compare its length with the AHCA’s.
“For all the people who have concerns about this, especially on the right,” Spicer said, “look at the size.”


First off I would like to apologize for the curse word that I used.  I don’t normally include cuss words in my blog, at this point its most appropriate word.  Talk about corruption  in the house of representatives.  It would be the only way in order to get the house to pass that so called Health Care, trump and his drones have had to pay out a lot of money to get that support.  Yes I am saying that Trump bought every single one of those votes and this 216 people in the house that pass that bill should be ashamed of themselves and what they’re doing to the American public.  And I commend the 214 people that did not pass that bill should have it destroyed at the house level.  I intend on finding out who those 216 people that voted to pass the so called health care act and have them removed from office next term. there is no call for sell outs. We do not need people like that people who can be so easily bought their morals, and their consciences,  With little regard as to the long-term effect that this is going to take on people with preexisting conditions, with people who cannot afford to pay for Health Insurance. Health Insurance was set up in such a way as to provide Health care for all Americans without turning it in to socialized medicine. If the UK is able to provide free health care to their own citizens then why can’t we?  Eliminate all that is bull crap of people being paid off.  This is so primary share as companies can say privatize charge of sewer amount of rates so that the politicians can get their kickbacks.  They really should be should get kicked out and kicked in nuts at the same time for what they’re doing.  I am completely outraged.  Did you know a woman or child that has been sexually raped or molested is considered as having a pre existing condition.  And those with mental disorders also have three existing conditions that would allow Health Insurance companies to reject them at the time that they need their insurance the most.  This is my vow which ever senators votes for this bill I will post their name all over the Internet and make sure that they’re no longer in office.