health care for the rich

We the people of this great country wake up! Our new president has decided to do away with Obama care all together and push as fast as he can his own health care plan. This is what he thinks about the poor, working class and the elderly. His health care plan that he has thought up is to take away the tax breaks given by Obama care for those who needed it the most and give it to the .01% of the riches people in the country. These are the amounts being given to all of us and then them: top .01%    $137,000  30 yrs. and younger $2,00 elderly $4,000  so tell me does this look right?   I think that its the poor, working class and elderly that need those kind of tax breaks not the riches of the rich. So if he pushes this through congress like he did the 2 comities then all of those that need the health care the most will be forced to put a strain on hospitals going to the E.R. for basic medical care that they should have gotten with a primary care Dr., but they can’t because they have no health.  care.



if you watch the video in slow motion you see the office try to push the young man who pushed his hands away. While I do not agree with putting hands on officers, but if that officer is acting outside of the law as these two did then they get what they get. I am sorry if this offends people, but I completely understand that people of color such as blacks, Hispanics ect. are sick and tired of being picked out just because of the color of their skin. If we as a nation don’t stop fighting each other then we will never find the common ground that unites us as a people of the human race. I don’t give a fiddlers fart what your skin color is I just care if you treat me with the respect that I treat you. STOP THE HATE. stop that cops from getting away with their own versions of what it legal and what isn’t. BREAK OUT YOU CAMERAS AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!! and stop the violence.


I have to wonder if good old Donald Trump is really looking out for the blue collar Americans or just corporate Americans. He wants to give corporations a tax cut from 30% to 15%. He also stated that he wanted to give tax breaks to middle America, but has neglected to talk about the tax cuts for those that make less then $25,000 a year and that live well below the poverty level, even while working two jobs. So like I have said before where does this mans loyalties really lay? And why are corporations getting such a large tax cut? and what will these tax cuts do to help lower our enormous deficit? What tax cuts can the low income families look forward to? If you don’t start helping those that are on the bottom rung of the latter first how can you insure that the changes you make wont trickle down and cause more harm then good. Low income families don’t rebound as easily as those that don’t live from pay check to pay check. So even though the white house is being closed mouth right now about this so called great tax reform they made sure that corporations tax breaks would be known. So who is really coming first? Americans or corporations?



Here are the VERY basic costs – for each of the 535 members of Congress as well as the total amounts and total…
Base Salary for each member $174,000
Office and Staff allowance, per member (avg) $1,353, 205
Expenses, per member $256,574
Total base salary $93,090,000
Total offices and staff (Basic) $573,900,000
Total expenses, basic $137,267,090
Total combined for ALL Congress $804,247,090
Based on the numbers above, EACH member of Congress receives $1,503,265.59 per year. This is not include the money to get on the side by corporate America a special interest groups and lobbyists in order to buy their vote. So where do you think we need to begin in cutting government spending. I say we take the expense accounts create a committee that will regulate their spending hold congressman’s and senators accountable for every tax dollar that is spent on their behalf. It’s time and we stand up and hold our government responsible for every tax dollars that is spent by these people. we are in debt up to our eyeballs and congress and the senate keep asking or well demanding pay increases every year. HEY DONALD TRUMP YOU WANT TO CUT SPENDING START WITH THEM FIRST…….. this is this is outrageous.



Trump thinks himself to be above everybody else including our first amendment right to free speech.  What has come of our government that this man thinks he answers to nobody but himself.  How can anyone with a straight face say that our government is not corrupt when a man like that is in the oval office.  He may not like other people’s opinions that doesn’t give him the right to stifle their opinions.  He is in the White House for the next four years and this is what we have to live with, but it doesn’t have to be able to tolerate.  If any other government official with acted in this manner we would’ve asked for his resignation not even ask but demanded his resignation.  I miss the days when we had presidents and actually cared about the people they were serving.  The president’s like Lincoln, Truman, JFK, Reagan, may actually cared about the American people.  They did things to better this country and for those they were elected to govern over.  He is about to take this into on other world war against Russia, South Korea, and maybe even China.  He needs to be removed from office before he truly destroys this country even further than it already has been.  We’re already considered a lofty stock of this world because of who we put into the presidency.  If we allow him to move the end of that war with every country fighting against us because of him.  Something has to give them an apparently isn’t going to be him.


PTSD us a mental illness that can best be described as the inability to recover from an experience that has inflicted mental or physical trauma, or even both.  Whether it be from a war zone or do too physical, sexual abuse any kind of traumatic situation where the victim’s mind cannot deal with what has been done to them.  Symptoms of PTS are as follows:

1.  Feeling detached or unable to connect with loved ones

2.  Intrusive thoughts  recalling the traumatic event

3.  Nightmares and flashbacks

4.  Efforts to avoid triggers of the traumatic event or reminders

5.  depression and hopelessness

6.  Feeling guilty from the false belief that you were responsible for the traumatic incident

7.  Hyperventilates and hypersensitivity

8.  Headaches

9.  Insomnia are disrupted sleep

Unfortunately there is no cure or four PTS D but there is treatment with counseling and medication a person can learn to live with it.  Most children who have been physically psychologically,, emotionally, or an event sexually abused suffer from some form of ptsd yet often they are misdiagnosed as manic depressive bipolar or even borderline personality.  I would love nothing more than to give these kind of people help that one day they can face their demands and they won’t affect them like this anymore.  But I can’t being a victim myself of countless atrocities of abuse it doesn’t get better.  We came into this world believing that the people they came first U.S. were supposed to protect us when in fact they are abusers and then we’re place in the hands of others that abuse us.  And the only response by our abuser are up users is that it’s in the past and you should just get over it.  I would just love to slap people who say those things.  The problems are facing our children today is born of abuse, drugs, alcohol, prostitution and neglect.  We have created a new generation of victims with PTSD and we have no way of curing it.  So what should we offer the next generation of victims besides talking to people who have never gone through what they’ve gone through and medications that don’t work.  I myself suffer from PTSD and it hasn’t been easy on me or my family and has it almost destroyed my health.  I think we need to become more aware of the repercussions abuse has on a person, because it’s not just soldiers coming back from war than have PTSD. these children that are being abused are fighting a war in their very own homes. A war to survive the only difference is they don’t get medals for it.  Instead they stuck in Foster Homes or group homes or anywhere the system can put down and most of these places are licensed are committed to helping the children are just collecting a paycheck and stuffing as many bodies as they can wherever they can.  And the children are the ones that pay for it because most of these people don’t give a damn about them. They abuse them just the same as if they were back in their homes.  There has to be a solution other than putting a band aid on a very serious situation.  Adults have a hard enough time dealing with this disease children are not equipped to deal with it at all.



Good Old Donald trump,  always willing to give the press and bloggers something to talk about. How is this man getting away with doing what he’s doing? doesn’t he realize that taking sides on abortion is political suicide. So let’s just go with this, he signed the bill which will defund  planned parenthood. what does he have to look forward to now?  Well ladies and john we can look forward to even more cases of HIV, sexually transmitted disease, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and so much more.  These programs were funded because it offered free women’s health to young girls and young women who otherwise wouldn’t have a clue because no teenager in their right mind is going to their mother and say hey mom can you tell me which spermicide is best or should I just use condoms and birth control and No kid is going to go to the mother and say I think I have an STD I need to go to the Dr. Donald trump you idiot I don’t understand what goes on in your head, but, mark my words that bill you just signed you will be revoking because no woman is gonna stand by and allow you to dictate who and where she gets her Health Care from.


th Spicer should never be aloud to speak in public about anything unless he has a preapproved script to read from. How did this man end up in the white house? To stand up in front of reporters and tell everyone that Hitler never used gas on people is a slap in the face to all those who died in  gas chambers at the death camps in Germany. why is it that when someone does or says something offensive they think that saying I’m sorry fixes it.  I hate to break it to you there isn’t enough I’m sorry to excuse stupidity. every time one of Trumps crones has to make a statement, one it makes no sense, two there follow ups are even more ridiculous , and their closings leave people saying what the fuck? while I agree with the white house changeling Russia on what they are  doing to the people in Syria, the last thing you want is the press secretary to come out and say something so ignorant , you have to wonder how the hell he made it into the white house with a second grade education.